Nederlands voor anderstaligen

Produced by

Instituut voor Levende Talen, KU Leuven and Kasona

Published by Acco


Entertaining video content

Each part of the course starts with an episode of the video series. Every episode is conceived as a TV show. It contains three sections smoothly integrated by a presenter:

1. a soap introducing the new speech acts and vocabulary in natural contexts;

2. a grammar section with a visual representation of some of the new speech acts and the most important structural aspects;

3. a short documentary focusing on some interesting aspects of the Flemish

and/or Belgian society.

When you watch an episode for the first time, it is not yet necessary to understand each and every word. The comprehension exercise in the Workbook to which you are referred will indicate whether you have understood the general context. At the end of each part, watching the episode again, you should be able to understand every word. In this way you can test whether you are ready to tackle the next part of the course.

The video is available on, using the access code that can be found in the Textbook. All the audio files can be downloaded for free. Just follow this link.